Indonesia Uses Data and Innovative Technology to Protect Its Oceans

Harnessing the power of data and innovative technology to protect Indonesia’s oceans from foreign poaching vessels is proving effective, according to a recent Devex article.

Between 2014-2017, foreign vessels fishing in Indonesia’s waters dropped 80 percent, and there is evidence that Indonesian fishermen are seeing higher catch and greater income, the Devex article cites from a report published in Nature Ecology and Evolution.

One Indonesian innovation is partnering with Global Fishing Watch (GFW), an independent platform founded by SkyTruth and Oceana. GFW aims to connect data, civil society, and governments to analyze information on fisheries globally, using this data to drive the development of actionable solutions. Another innovation is using blockchain technology to reduce illegally caught or produced seafood in global supply chains through a project run by the nonprofit startup Provenance.

Photo credit: Adam Cohn / CC BY-NC-ND