Tajikistan Safe Drinking Water Project

Funded by USAID, the Tajikistan Safe Drinking Water Project (TSDWP) provided water infrastructure, related  health education, and training and development of new POU strategies for safe drinking water in rural communities in Tajikistan. The goals of the project were to:

  1. Increase access to a sustainable, safe drinking water supply in rural Tajikistan through support for improvements in supply infrastructure, enhanced local government capacity, and community involvement in the operation and management of this infrastructure
  2. Build capacity among local health officials, community leaders, and the private sector to promote key improved hygiene behaviors and associated products

By continuing to provide a high level of expertise, ME&A has worked to improve the long-term technical and financial sustainability of potable water supply, making the Tajikistan Safe Drinking Water Project one of the many development projects supported in Tajikistan by USAID.